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Marc Robertson teaches NewSkills - a series of programs honed by years of experience which encourages dynamic, aggressive, and successful leaders to also be humanistic leaders.

Our New Leaders program will teach you the skills you will need to earn the respect and trust of your new team right away

Our programs teach you how to earn the respect and trust of your employees with an empathetic approach.

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About Marc Robertson

With a client base that includes SpaceX, DirecTV, Intel, and Qualcomm, Marc Robertson has an exceptional track record of guiding executives and managers to incorporate a humanistic and results-orientated leadership style. Marc has successfully coached his clients in emotional intelligence, environmental awareness, leadership skills, and business acumen. With this experience, Marc has created New Skills.

The most pressing roadblocks you face within your business are often caused by a collision of personalities and differences. You may find that these issues are due to different goals, different job levels, and different generations - but these issues can be resolved. Over the course of 25 years, New Skills has developed true and tested techniques to provide you with relatable and applicable new skills to resolve every obstacle that your leaders, managers and employees have run into.


By deeply understanding the needs of every human factor in a corporate equation, we will help you resolve your toughest, sometimes bitter, long-term conflicts between executives and employees. We know how to build and reinforce team trust, loyalty, and performance that will result in a lasting corporate culture that draws and retains talent.


New Leaders Program

The New Leaders Program has been developed and perfected to teach you, a new leader, revolutionary strategies and solutions. With this program, you will learn how to cement a lasting, positive culture that will blossom into trust, loyalty, and success between you and your team.


In this program, we put the spotlight on learning communication, empathy, defining your own roles, and problem solving.


  1. Learn to become a proactive leader rather than a reactive leader.
  2. Earn the respect and trust of your colleagues and employees with an empathetic and compassionate approach.
  3. Learn how to solve even the most difficult of workplace conflicts with your employees.
  4. Discover how to recognize and analyze the capabilities, personal strengths, and weaknesses of your team.


One two hour master class that includes an individual coaching session for each client.

Bridging the Gap

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Team Development for the Future

Successful Project Management

Sustainable Problem Solving



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